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Through training select teachers as School Health Workers, and by forming linkages between schools and healthcare facilities, we are able to provide marginalized children with health services critical to a healthy and productive life.


With over 80% primary school attendance rate, the vast majority of Zambian children spend more time at school than anywhere else.  Schools serve as an ideal environment for reaching thousands of children with cost-effective interventions that target issues in health and social welfare. 


Teachers serve as role models for young children and adolescents, as their daily interactions most often lead to trusting relationships. Through targeting teachers and using schools as a platform for social change, we are able to regularly sensitize children on issues pertaining to health.  These children in return serve as a conduit for transferring lessons to guardians and other members of the communities. 


Schools are the cornerstone of societies around the world.  Therefore, through placing schools at the center of our model, we are inherently developing a framework that can be scaled up not only in Zambia but also in low-income settings across the globe.