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We empower Zambian teachers as front-line health workers. The following is our strategy for recruiting, training, equipping, managing and motivating teachers to be School Health Workers. 


We work with the Zambian Ministries of Health and Education to identify partner schools and health centers.


We use a two step selection process to select teachers for our programs: 

1) Administration at partner schools nominate promising teachers

2) Members from HK/BF and the local health facility interview nominated teachers for final selection 

The head teacher, deputy teacher and Parent Teacher Association (PTA) chair at every school are trained as 'School Health Administrators'

 “The program has allowed me to pursue my passion for health and make an impact in my community. It has been a dream come true" - Tamara Daka, School Health Worker


Teachers under go an intensive training covering a series of standardized modules. The curriculum provides teachers with skills necessary to provide health education, administer vitamin A and deworming treatment and identify and respond to sick children; providing basic medical care for children they can treat and make prompt referrals for those requiring more serious care. Trainees participate in both classroom lectures and clinical practicums, and they receive regular refresher courses to practice their skills.

School and health facility management are trained to oversee school health programs, facilitate school-wide buy-in and ensure long-term oversight and sustainability.


We work alongside our partner health facilities to ensure school health workers always have the supplies, medicines and forms required to carry out their school health responsibilities.


We support the local health facility in identifying a clinically-trained staff personnel to serve as ‘School Health Coordinator’. HK/BF works alongside this person  to provide one-on-one mentorship to school health workers, conduct termly school site visitations, and coordinate monthly refresher meetings for trained teachers.

We hold quarterly stakeholder meetings for administrators at the local health facility and schools to discuss the program and plan upcoming activities. 

 “The monthly meetings help me get better in my work.The training created a bond.  It was like a family." 

- School Health Worker


Our teachers receive a combination of incentives to motivate their work as school health workers

1)    Monetary:                                    School health workers receive a monthly pay stipend to support their work

2)    Professional Development:   HK/BF provides top performing school health workers with funds to further own professional development

3)    Social Capital:                           Training graduates receive uniforms, badges and additional SHW memorabilia.  Teachers have reported improved

                                                               self-esteem and social standing as the result of the training.